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Himalaya Discovery has over 23-years expertise in helping travelers’ plan their own personal journeys through the remotest habitable regions of Himachal Pradesh – according to their budget both time and cost-wise.

Group Leaders Personally Designed Journeys

If you would like to design your own journey for your group, please see our ‘Buddhist Journey’ page first for suggestions and creating an itinerary.

Also see our Himalayan & Ganges Journey for ideas, plus Cuisine LocalitiesHealth & Well-being Courses and the Travelling Checklist sections of this site for areas covered.

What to do next

Fill-in the simple ‘Initial Contact Form’ on this website and email it back to us stating what areas you would like to visit, how much time you want to spend in each location – and for your entire trip, etc.

Entire Journey arranged by us

For example, arriving in Delhi at any port, we can arrange your collection and then take care of your entire itinerary, transport and accommodation – well before you set off on your journey.

After you fill-in this form

We will email you regarding what your itinerary practically involves.

Then we have either phone or Skype call to finalize.

An email of the total cost will then be sent to you including how much deposit needs to be paid.

Can it be that simple?


 We look forward to meeting you soon!

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