Naresh Jishtu

Naresh Jishtu is the founder and director of Himalaya Discovery. He was born and completed a degree in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. 

In 1990, his life changed forever when he went on a trek to Kinnaur where he fell in love with the wildest and remotest habitable Himalayas; an affair that continues to this day.

Naresh began in 1995 by founding a travelers’ advice center on the Mall in Shimla. He also took westerners on specialized treks to the remotest unexplored regions before entering the hotelier business where he now has three sought-after hotels plus 2 large cottages, as well as liaising with other hoteliers and home-stays to form a scenic circular route throughout Himachal.

Naresh now has nearly three decades of experience in tourism. From his office in ‘The Legendary Rupin,’ he organizes personally tailored journeys, hosts film companies and western rock-climbing groups and guides trekkers; the inexperienced and professional (see short YouTube film on Home page.)

Well-known and respected by the people of these regions for supporting the preservation of nature and indigenous ways of tribal’s, he endeavors to give travelers an opportunity to deeply connect with nature in order to kindle their passion for an adventurous approach to life.

Core Members of the Himalaya Discovery Team

Laiq-Ram Thakur

Laiq-Ram Thakur is Himalaya Discovery’s co-manager running two large hotels plus a 5-roomed cottage in Kalpa.

Thakur was born and raised in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He now lives with his wife and 3 children on a farm on the outskirts of Shimla. He has worked in tourism for 20-years and the majority of this time with his close friend and business partner, Naresh Jishtu.Laiq-Ram takes pride in keeping his hotels and cottage spotless. He is a keen protector of the ecology in these remotest regions encouraging those in his profession to practice ‘eco-friendly tourism.’

(See work references on the ‘Health & Well-Being’ page)

Amar Kashyap

Amar Kashyap; manager of ‘The Legendary Rupin’ in Sangla Valley and also catering supervisor for our Kalpa hotels

Now known as one of the best chef’s in North India, Amar began his apprenticeship in cookery in 1999, quickly becoming a head chef in his own right.

Born in Nirmand, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, he has worked in westernized catering in Delhi, Shimla, Manali and Goa before joining the team at Himalaya Discovery in 2015.

Amar is passionate about food; ensuring it’s healthy, tasty and interesting. Consequentially, he is a treasured member of our team! 

Our ‘Mumpti’ was born in Sangla Valley and has remained here as a builder/carpenter all his life. He has been Naresh’s handyman for the last 15-years and continues to maintain the overall ‘Legendary Rupin’ to keep everything running smoothly.

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