The legendary Rupin  

Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

All rooms with Balconies & Beautiful Views

·        17 Double Rooms with Individual Balconies

·        Separate 3-roomed Family Cottage 

·        Traditionally Decorated with on-suite Bathrooms

·        Family Rooms

·    Pure Vegetarian Cuisine & Healthy Western Menu

·        Barbecue Nights on our Upper Terrace

·        TV & Free Wifi

·        2 Extensive Scenic Dining Rooms

·       Helpful Staff – plus Trekking/Rock-climbing Guides

·        Ample Parking


·        Yoga, Meditation & Health Packages


Nestled in a remote Himalayan valley historically linked with Shangri La, lays ‘The Legendary Rupin;’ frequented by nature lovers, rock-climbers, walkers and trekkers alike, it’s the perfect place to unwind from worldly commitments, and equally ideal for honeymooners or those seeking a retreat from the world below.

Rock-climbing groups are regular guests

Directly overlooking the Bastra River rapids, our hotel is newly and tastefully furnished and has strict codes of hygiene. There are fourteen double rooms and 3 family rooms, plus our separate 3-bedroom cottage – all with bathrooms en-suite. We have a large scenic dining area and an equally large upper terrace with dramatic views where we offer the finest cuisine from our healthy menu – and in the evenings in buffet-style (see our menu page).

Sangla Valley is less developed than Kalpa, which is the opposite side of the Kinnaur Kailash mountain range and to this day, there is an on-going dispute over which is the front. However, both sides of are equally historic and stunning.

In this rare tribal location of Sangla Valley, breathe the freshest air and drink the purest water on Earth. There are walks on the flat, or for those feeling more adventurous, you can cross the river and head into the Trans-Himalayan Wild-life Nature Reserve that spans thousands of kilometers.

Alternatively, explore the adjacent village of Ruksham that prides itself in being one of the most authentic Kinnauri tribal villages in Himachal. There are two temples housing ancient artifacts and regular festivals, such as the flower festival held in August.

Please Note;

Our legendary Rupin hotel underwent extensive renovation and refurbishing in 2019. This included traditional wooden paneling in every room, another story added and a second scenic roof terrace dining room – plus a room solely for group meetings.

The photos below were taken before the renovation. New photos will be added to this site at the beginning of April 2020 when all works are complete.

Above; our traditional separate 3-bedroom cottage (adjacent to Rupin)

On-suite rooms before renovation – all with private balconies

From our hotel, you can walk to the base of Kinnaur Kailash with pastures and pure glacier waterfalls, or simply enjoy strolling around open fields of buckwheat and other indigenous vegetables and fruits. (Find more options in the section for local attractions.)

We can also suggest routes and places to stay further afield and also in Kalpa where we have two hotels and a private cottage. Our helpful staff is at hand to serve all your needs and guide you in whatever kind of Himalayan experience you desire. 

The beginning of the Trans-Himalayas; a 5-minute walk from the legendary Rupin hotel

Whatever way you decide to enjoy this unique area, we feel sure you will return home renewed and inspired, and as with regular guests, with a yearning to revisit our breath-taking locations again.

The White Nest

All rooms with Balconies & Beautiful Views


Kalpa, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

View from our ‘White Nest’ hotel

Brief History of Kalpa

Himalaya Discovery has two hotels in this tribal village and also a large self-contained cottage that can accommodates 10 people.

As with Sangla Valley, which is the other side of the surrounding Kailash mountain range, this village has been home to tribal communities living harmoniously in scattered farms for thousands of years. 

Kalpa has an average elevation of 2,960 meters (9,711 feet). Today, its main source of income is from tourism, apple orchards and pine-nut forests. Because of its close proximity and access to the Tibetan boarder, and the fact that it has a strong holding of military posts in the town of Recong Peo below, it was only open to the public in 1996. Consequentially, there has always been an air of mystery about its history.

During the time of British rule, those in the army with lung problems, such as Tuberculosis, were sent to this area to be cured by the purity of its air. In ancient times, Kalpa formed a part of what was referred to as ‘Kanaurra.’ Locals swore allegiance to the kingdom of Magadha which was later annexed by the Mauryans during the 6th century B.C.

In those times, the inhabitants of this remote region were the Valhika, Kamboja and Panasika tribes. The region was later divided into chiefdoms and a power struggle ensued. A host of small fortresses such as Kamru, Labrang, and Moorang still stand testament of this to this day.

Kinnaur later passed into the hands of the Mongols’ with Akbar’s conquest of the region. After the fall of the Mongols’ and British rule, Kinnaur was formally established but was initially called Chini-Tehsil. Later it merged into the Mahasu district for administration and remained so until 1960 when it was re-organized and formally came under the heading of Kinnaur.

Reorganization was put in place owing to ethnic and cultural considerations. As with Sangla Valley, Kalpa and its surrounding villages still has the tradition polyandry. But with the growth in education and developing mindset, this is rapidly changing.

One of the most stunning and easy 2 km walks on-the-flat in the remote Himalayas is from Kalpa to the tiny tribal village of Roghi; and the road to it begins directly outside Himalaya Discovery’s ‘White Nest’ Hotel.

Panoramic views of Kailash mountain range from every room

Himalaya Discovery’s

The White Nest 

·    24 double on-suite rooms with separate balconies

·        Healthy buffet-style breakfast & supper

·        Stunning views of Kailash Mountain Range

·        2 large scenic dining rooms

·        Room service & helpful staff

·        Gardens

·        Safe car parking

·        TV in every room plus free Wifi

·        Laundry service

Relax with every comfort at hand  while enjoy stunning veiws from your room…

Ample dining room space with the finest cuisine

Our Self Contained Kalpa Cottage

·       4 large double bedrooms – one with extra single bed 

·        Room service from our nearby White Nest Hotel

·        Private & ideal for groups and families

·        TV’s in every room

·        Scenic views of Kailash Mountain Range

·        Balconies

·   Enjoy the gardens & facilities at nearby White Nest

 Royal Voyages

Himalaya Discovery’s Budget Hotel in Kalpa

  • 13 double on-suit rooms’                         
  • Room service & helpful staff
  • TV and free Wifi in every room
  • Car parking
  • Budget menu
    – or you can dine at The White Nest

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