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Indian & European Cuisine©   

Made with care – served with love!

Himalaya Discovery
 endeavors to serve the freshest local non-GMO foods available


We are pure vegetarian apart from using local free-range eggs 

We use Pantajali’s zero cholesterol bran oil when appropriate

Food is freshly prepared and cooked to order – so please relax and enjoy the view!

Beverages, Cold Drinks & Fresh Seasonal Juices

  • Masala Chia Rs. 40
  • Darjeeling or Earl Grey Tea Rs. 60

    (with Lemon or Milk)

  • Green Tea with Lemon & Honey Rs. 50
  • Tulsi Tea with Lemon & Honey Rs. 50
  • Filtered Ground Coffee Rs. 150

    Served with Brown Sugar, Separate Hot Milk & Cream

  • Nescafe Rs. 60

    Served with Milk & Brown Sugar

  • Hot or Cold Milky Real Coco (Chocolate) Rs. 150

    Topped with Cream & Grated Pistachio Chocolate

  • Pure Seasonal Freshly-Made Fruit Juices Rs. 150
  • Freshly-Made Mixed Vegetable Juice Rs. 180

    Carrot, Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Spinach, Ginger Etc

  • Freshly Made Banana or Mango Milk-Shake or Lassi Rs. 150

    Made with Honey & Topped with Chopped Local Walnuts

  • Carton Juices Rs. 100

    Apple, Mango, Litchi, Pomegranate per Glass


  • Coke or Pepsi (Small) Rs. 40
  • Coke or Pepsi (Large) Rs. 90
  • Tonic Water or Bitter Lemon Rs. 60
  • Plate of Sliced Lemon Rs. 50
  • Large Bottle of Mango Slice Rs. 90
  • Plate of Filtered Water Ice-Cubes -------

Packed Lunches for Adventurers!

Home-made whole meal bread rolls & butter filled with;

  • Egg Mayonnaise & Salad X 2 Rs. 150
  • Western Cheese & Salad X 2 Rs. 180
  • Roasted Onion / Garlic & Cheese X 2 Rs. 180
  • Paneer with Curry Sauce X 2 Rs. 180
  • Two Pieces of Seasonal Fruit Rs. 50
  • 2 Large Home-Made Healthy Biscuits Rs. 80
  • Nut Mix Energy Boosters Rs. 100 per Tub

    Cashews, Walnuts, Apricot Nuts, Shredded Coconut & Sultanas

Flasks of

  • Creamed Soup of The Day Rs. 120

    With Separate Garlic Croutons

  • Lemon Ginger Honey Rs. 100
  • Selection of Herb Teas Rs. 80
  • Masala Chia Rs. 80
  • Filtered Coffee with Milk Rs. 120
  • Nescafe with Milk Rs. 100

Munchies – East & West

  • Avocado-Humus Fresh Dip Rs. 600

    served with slices of lightly sautéed seasonal vegetables in olive oil topped with black/green olives and served with two slices of home-made whole-meal pita or 2 slices of home-made bread & butter

  • Chunky-Funky Pokora Rs. 250

    large plate of mixed seasonal veggies served with freshly-made mint-sauce (Amar’s Special)

  • French Fries Rs. 250

    (cooked in zero cholesterol Patanjali bran rice oil) served with homemade mint sauce, egg-free mayonnaise and ketchup dips

  • Humus Rs. 500

    with green & black olives, served with 4 hot pitas & side-salad

  • Onion, Garlic, French Mustard Cheese/tomato Toast Rs. 500

    made with two chunky toasted slices of home-made bread served with a side-salad

  • Tomato-Cheese Pranthas Rs. 400

    served with curd (Amar’s Special)

  • Italian Pasta Rs. 650

    cooked in olive-oil, topped with Parmesan cheese served with 2 salads & Italian dressing

  • Home-Made Biscuits Rs. 120

    served with a pot of tea

  • 2 Toasted Milk Scones with Butter & Bhuira Jam Rs. 180

    served with a pot of tea

  • A Slice of Rich Fruitcake Rs. 250

    all served with a pot of tea

  • Bowl of Salted Peanuts Rs. 80
  • Bowl of Mexican Tortilla Chips Rs. 100



  • Plain Pranthas - 2 Rs. 200

    served with curd and pickles

  • Pranthas stuffed with Gobi - 2 Rs. 250

    served with curd and pickles

  • Alu Pranthas - 2 Rs. 250

    served with curd and pickles

  • Omelet - Plain Rs. 100

    served with 3 chapattis and homemade lemon pickle & mint sauce.

  • Omelet - Garlic & Onion Rs. 200

    served with 3 chapattis and homemade lemon pickle & mint sauce.

  • Omelet - Various Seasonal Vegetables Rs. 350

    served with 3 chapattis and homemade lemon pickle & mint sauce.

  • Omelet - Cheese, Onion & Garlic Rs. 350

    served with 3 chapattis and homemade lemon pickle & mint sauce.


  • Homemade Muesli Rs. 650

    Oats Mixed with Chopped Cashews, Almonds, Local Pine-Nuts, Sultanas, Local Dried Apricots and Their Nuts, Flax-Seeds & Walnuts Plus Hand-Shredded Coconut. Served with local hot milk, local brown sugar, topped with curd, seasonal fruits and local honey along with a fresh glass or pureed orange juice – probably the healthiest breakfast possible!

  • Plain Oat Porridge Rs. 400

    cooked in milk and served with dark brown sugar & local honey.
    ADD-ON: Topped with a selection of fresh seasonal fruits - Rs. 350 (Extra)

  • Shakshuka Rs. 500

    a rich Italian tomato/vegetable sauce cooked in olive oil with 2 free-range poached eggs nestled on top, served with lightly sautéed hash-brown potatoes and 2 hot pita breads & side-salad, along with freshly pureed orange juice

  • Home-Made Whole-Meal Toast - 3 Slices Rs. 400

    served with butter and topped with Bhuira marmalade or Bhuira jam or peanut butter.
    served with a glass of fresh puréed orange juice

  • Chunky Mixed Vegetable Omelet Rs. 400

    topped with grilled western cheese served with 2 slices of toasted whole-meal bread and butter

  • Free-Range Eggs Rs. 400

    2 poached or scrambled or boiled served with 3 slices of home-made whole-meal toast & butter served with a glass of freshly squeezed puréed orange juice

  • Local Buckwheat Pancakes Rs. 450

    2 served with fresh lemon, honey & cream or curd served with freshly squeezed puréed orange juice


Lunch Specials

  • Fresh Herb Lentil Burgers Rs. 500

    with a soft cheese center covered in a creamy garlic white sauce served with two salads & dressings - and mashed potatoes topped with fried onion

  • Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff Rs. 450

    served with basmati rice & side-salad with Italian dressing (seasonal dish)


  • Kashmir’ Potato with Butter (Amar’s Special) Rs. 450

    served with side-salad

  • Special Dahl Makhani Rs. 450

    with Basmati rice & 2 buckwheat chapattis served with a side salad

  • Karahi Paneer Rs. 700

    cooked in cashew & almond gravy served with 2 lachha pranthas & side-salad


  • Soup of The Day Rs. 350

    served with home-made garlic croutons & 2 slices of toasted bread and butter

  • Humus Rs. 400

    topped with green & black olives served with 2 pita bread & side-salad

  • Large Plate of 3 Salads Rs. 400

    served with 2 pita or 2 chunky slices of home-made whole-meal bread & butter

  • Onion - Garlic - French Whole Grain Mustard - Olive - Cheese - Tomato Toast Rs. 450

    made with two chunky slices of home-made whole-meal bread

  • Italian Pena-Pasta Rs. 600

    topped with a rich Italian herb sauce; tomato capsicum mushroom cooked in olive-oil, topped with green & black olives, Parmesan cheese and served with side-salad & home-made Italian dressing

Buffet Supper

Served from 7.30 – 9.30pm

Alternate Night Menu

Traditional Indian Tali!

  • Creamed Seasonal Soup Rs. 700

    Served with Home-Made Garlic Croutons & Papads
    Karahi Paneer, Seasonal Vegetables, Pindi Chena, Raita Salad, Basmati Rice, Papads, Mucky (Corn) and Wheat Chapattis
    Followed by Our Dessert of The Day
    Choice of Large Masala Chia or Ground Coffee


  • Barbecue Night - Cooked & Served on The Upper Terrace Rs. 700

    Creamed seasonal soup served with home-made garlic croutons & papads
    Selection of barbecued vegetables and seasoned paneer cooked on skewers, jacket potatoes stuffed with a choice of curried egg-mayonnaise, shredded raw-vegetables in yogurt sauce or spicy Mexican beans, served with 3 varieties of help-yourself salads & dressings
    Followed by our dessert of the day
    Choice of Masala chia or fresh coffee

Miscellaneous Extra Portions

  • Chapatti Rs. 15
  • Mucky Rs. 20
  • Buckwheat Rs. 20
  • Side-Salad Rs. 80
  • Bowl of Black or Green Olives Rs. 150
  • Curd Rs. 80
  • Basmati Rice Rs. 80
  • Honey Rs. 60
  • Pickles Rs. 30

3-day Body Detoxification

Himalaya Discovery’s 3-day detoxification process involves consuming only fresh vegetable juice, clear soup, cleansing herb teas and local Ayurvedic herbs.

As most people have some unhealthy dietary habits, a one-hour consultation with our health advisor is necessary to ascertain the most beneficial means needed during this process.

At least one full body massage is advised for toxic fluid drainage and also the use of gentle Ayurvedic laxatives.

Cost can only be estimated according to individual needs, but it works out to around 5,000 rups for the full treatment, including a daily consultation with our health advisor.


Notable physical changes take place by the end of the 2nd day – and more so if a smoker ceases during this time.

For those who wish to undergo a deeper process involving daily meditation-life-reflection sessions, or a detoxification from addictions to alcohol/drugs, please see the ‘Health & Well-being’ section of this website.

Please see the principles of fasting on YouTube;

Be Healthy & Enjoy!

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